Hopefully I’ll have already seen it once.

Seen what?

What else?

July 15. It’s been moved up by two days. And a new trailer has just been released that is as great, if not greater, than its predecessors.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince…

There is art in trailers. They f-cking KILLED it on this one. Those shots of the Millennium Bridge are CRAZY, the Death Eaters zooming here and there, the way Ginny’s face lights up when she gives Harry her hand, Snape “it’s over”, Draco’s anguish, the music building and building, how have we waited so long???

How can we wait another 3 months!?!?!?

I’ve now viewed this trailer 3 times. The first time I actually HUGGED MYSELF at the end. Lame sh-ts.

This is Emma Watson at Heathrow today en route to Scotland. Emma turned 19 on Wednesday. She’s 15 years younger than Ali Lohan.

Photos from Flynetonline.com