I mean not Hot Harry on a Horse, not that Harry Styles is not hot. Does that make sense?

As I confessed yesterday in Tingles, FINE, I admit, I love Harry Styles. Look at him. He’s the cutest sh-t EVER. And it’s ok, I won’t out all of you who’ve been emailing asking for One Direction. I’ll take the heat for it so you can enjoy it on the low, hiding your monitor from view, secretly enjoying every single shot.


Harry’s with a baby. It’s a sunny Friday afternoon.


It will happen to every generation. If you ever, ever, EVER listened to N Sync or Backstreet, NKOTB before them, and so many others before those, if you even know the words to any one of their songs, you should understand what this is. One Direction, The Wanted, it’s just the latest iteration of a phenomenon that will always be: the boy band.

Attached - some photos of One Direction, but mostly Harry, at a rugby match in Auckland today.