OMG, will they make it?

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles spent most of last week in England together. He showed her around the countryside and gave her 23 gifts to celebrate her 23rd birthday and it was several movie montages combined into one long music video.

Time for a location change...

Now it’s Los Angeles, and a tattoo parlour. Which is where they were last night. And Harry was inked, once again, but this time, curiously enough, his new brand resembles what Reeve Carney had on his arm when he played Taylor’s “trouble” in I Knew You Were Trouble.

Music videos based on past experiences are not uncommon. What do you call it when you turn your own video into real life? Is she actually scripting her own romance? Don’t hate. We’ve all wanted to script our own romances at one point or another, or at least try. She’s just crazy enough to do it.

Harry apparently has something like 20 or more tats now. And supposedly each has special meaning. Um, look at the size of this. That’s a lot of real estate to give up on a fake relationship though I suppose fake or real, what does it matter -- it’s a lot of real estate to give up for any relationship, especially when you’re 18 years old. Then again, love at 18 always feels like it’ll be forever. If he actually did it for her, that is.

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