One Direction’s Harry Styles is 18. So, famous or not, of course sex is a big deal -- thinking about it, doing it, thinking about the next time he’ll get to do it. But I feel like the way they’re pre-packaging young stars these days, they’re supposed to be androgynous. Because, I dunno, our society is afraid of sex?

Which might explain why it was almost jarring to read Harry’s comments about sex and his first time:

“The first time I had sex, I was scared I got the girl pregnant. And that was despite the fact we were safe. Luckily, we were fine. I would never risk not wearing a condom, it’s too much of a risk. If you’re not ready for a child, then don’t risk it.” (Source)

It’s a good message and it’s not a new message but it’s too often a message that arrives at arms’ length, non? And quick:


Very rarely do you get a studio-controlled 18 year old star delivering the message in the first person. What Harry is saying here is that he has sex. And he has sex often. Sex is a part of his life. And he’s not going to stop. He will continue to have a lot of the sex a lot of the time. And when he does, he will (try) not (to) go bareback.

You’ll note Justin Bieber, same age, has never acknowledged that he has sex. Could never. And though you might not want to picture it, Justin Bieber FOR SURE is having sex. But Justin Bieber isn’t allowed to admit he has sex. How old does Justin Bieber have to be before he can admit to having sex?

Note also that Harry Styles will not receive much, if any, backlash for admitting to having sex. If Harry was an 18 year old FEMALE pop star however...

Well, easy. They’d call her easy and shame her until she promised to be celibate until marriage.

Here’s Harry Styles at Heathrow on his way to LA yesterday.