Harry Styles and Justin Bieber are the same age, born literally a month apart. Do you see them the same way? I don’t see them the same way. They’re certainly not hated the same way. Then again, Harry Styles, so far, hasn’t made himself hated the way JB has made himself hated.

But look at Harry, sitting front row at Burberry Prorsum today, surrounded by women, and they don’t seem like they’re babysitting. If that was Bieber, these photos would read a lot differently. The way they read to me is that they’re all preening around him instead of resisting the urge to pat him on the head which is how I imagine Sienna Miller would react to being seated next to JB.

Or is my Harry Styles Problem getting in the way of my objectivity? I love him in leopard print, ok? I love him in a way that’s not right. This is where I live now. And don’t lie to me because you just moved in too.

Supposedly Harry and Cara Delevigne are hooking up even though he’s trying to deny it to MTV UK, claiming that “she’s not my girl”. Here they are together backstage:


The two also went to the movies last week and have been hanging out almost every night in London. Can’t they just f-ck without calling it a relationship? Or do 20 year olds not do that anymore?