I told you. I have a sickness for Harry Styles.

I know, OK. I KNOW.

It’s just...

He’s just so f-cking cute, I can’t help it. I could give a sh-t who the other ones are and can barely identify them name to face but Harry Styles....Harry Styles is a problem.

And it’s getting so much worse because of Miami. Miami. Sun. Which means tan. Which means no more white pasty English faces. Look at him with a tan. Look at that pretty skin. And in that hat. He’s adorable. Tell me he’s adorable and you’re a sick f-ck like me too.

One Direction is in Miami to shoot a video and causing riots. The boys were all shirtless on a yacht and when they came off, the girls swarmed like the zombies in World War Z. Do un-famous dudes get lucky in these situations? Because that energy has to go SOMEwhere, doesn’t it?