I received an email yesterday at 12:40pm from a reader called Stephanie:

Probably too late for today, but in honor of his birthday, can we get an update or any details on what Harry Styles is up to?

It was too late, at the time, but you know what happened 20 minutes later, right? February 1, 2017, at about 1pm ET, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter made her pronouncement. And then, well, nothing else mattered.

So Harry’s birthday had to wait. Yesterday Harry Styles turned 23 years old. He celebrated in Malibu. And Adele was there too! (I am more excited about Adele staying up for a party than I am about Harry’s birthday. But you’re here for Harry’s birthday.) Also Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. Harry is a family friend. He has spent time with Cindy and Rande before and seems to be close to their kids, in a non-gossipy way. Kaia Gerber is still only 15 years old. Is it a matter of time though?

Anyway, about Harry’s birthday…

Remember the video that Taylor Swift released yesterday? Of her and Gigi Hadid hearing I Don’t Wanna Live Forever on the radio for the first time? She thought it would be The Conversation. Until, you now, Beyoncé snatched the conversation. Beyoncé’s revelation was told to mark the beginning of Black History Month. She planned it that way.

But… did Taylor plan it that way too? On Harry’s birthday, she shows up on social media candidly in person for the first time in weeks. Coincidence or conspiracy?

By the way, she posted a new video today – pre-Super Bowl party rehearsal, I Don’t Wanna Live Forever acoustic.