It"s a mystery, the two of them together: Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman. Seeing them in person though, it makes a little more sense. She doesn"t seem know what I mean?

He arrived more underdressed than any other man at the event. Cheap looking shoes and a suit with what looked like cheese stains on it. I suppose that"s his right when his company is one of the main sponsors.

Kept saying to his friends that he was ready to have a good time because his week had been hellish. Try breaking an arm you slimef*ck.

His wife meanwhile has the air of Sarah Larson about her. Only much more subservient. She"s meek, she slouches, seems uncomfortable, and was wearing one of her own designs that looked like it was falling apart.

Marchesa up close is the budget. It was black and strapless and embroidered with gold leafing that was coming off in some spots - like at the back by the waist. Either that or it needed to be ironed. Whatever the case, it certainly wasn"t couture.

There were a lot of kept women on the carpet last night. She fit right in.

Photos from Wenn and Splash