Every couple of years or so, Harvey likes to pick a young actress, turn her into a star. Or try to at least. It happened with my Gwyneth. The Alba Bitch had her chance, Anne Hathaway too, now it looks like Blake Lively has caught Harvey’s eye. A deal with the devil, you could say. Curious to see then if Blake shows up in Marchesa on carpet after carpet. It’s so obvious.

Anyway, boring Blake and her boyfriend Penn Badgley were spotted leaving the Waverly Inn with Weinstein a few nights ago. Last night it was on to Letterman. She arrived casual in a trench, left in a hot pink/purple one shoulder showing off those impossibly long legs. And still… even in a dress like this, Blake Lively puts me to sleep.

She’s no Blair Waldorf.

Scenes from the next Gossip Girl? Delicious.

Photos from Wenn.com