Jake Gyllenhaal wasn’t at the Palais last night. The jury wasn’t required. Here he is today around town. And pictures of him from opening night on Wednesday looking very smooth in that tux.

While Jake had no official engagements to attend on Thursday, he was part of the Weinstein annual Cannes presentation – not necessarily in person but in performance. Harvey Weinstein’s representing Southpaw and an upcoming Robert De Niro feature called Hands Of Stone and he made the comparison. Jake in Southpaw is not unlike De Niro in Raging Bull. And then a confirmation: Harvey will be pushing Jake for a Best Actor Oscar. You know what Harvey’s like on a campaign. Sometimes it works, Colin Firth. Sometimes it doesn’t work, Benedict Cumberbatch. But they all have to work. Am curious to see how Jake manages under those expectations …if we get that far.

In the meantime, for the next 10 days, he’s a cinephile. He’s in Cannes for the art. To support the art, as opposed to promoting his own. But it’s also a good look.