Ambra Battilan is a model who has gone to police in New York alleging that Harvey Weinstein groped her. They met at an event on Thursday. She claims that Weinstein told her to come see him on Friday at 6pm at his office for an “audition”. During the “audition”, she alleges that Weinstein asked her if her breasts were real, then tried to touch them, then allegedly tried to shove his hand up her skirt. Battilan says she said NO, and then went to the cops who are now investigating.

Weinstein’s reps insist it didn’t go down that way at all. They’re calling it a “blackmail attempt”. Other personal information about Battilan is now being made available. Like how she was a Bunga Bunga witness when all that Berlosconi sh-t happened and testified against him during the trial. So already they’re giving her a certain “character”.

There have been rumours about Weinstein for years. Here’s an article about those rumours. Those who are loyal to him insist he champions film and filmmakers and would never, ever, ever. Those who may not be loyal to him are terrified of him. Even those who don’t directly have to work with him are terrified of him. He has the access and the resources to destroy. Or, you know, since we’re talking Hollywood here, that inclination might be rebranded to “self-defence”. A crusader for justice. That’s Harvey Weinstein.