Robin Williams bumped into Cindy Adams today in New York and the paps took this photo and for some reason I couldn’t stop laughing.

Next Stacy P forwarded me a link to Gawker’s brilliant post on Katie Couric’s dance photos and I lost it even harder. Click here to see but I’m warning you…

MUFFLE yourself.

Because you will disrupt your colleagues and some sh-t will go down.

Then, as if all that wasn’t enough, Melissa C from Philadelphia sent this through and all hell broke loose. Jacek was grumpy today because there’s no bread in the house but Melissa has just cured him with her Twi-Hard hatemail.

Melissa has given us a new insult. See below.

Please note, her message was titled READ THIS NOW!!!

Dear Lamey,

I just read your point of view for the new moon movie and here is what I have to say:

You are an ASS WHOLE!!! You critizied everyone who was in New Moon. I saw the movie this weekend and I thought it was amazing.
I am never going to visit your site again because you not only make fun of the Twi-Hards you make fun of every celebrity and it just makes me sick to my stomach that you do that. Please Lamey do us all a favor and get your fat head out of your fat ass.

Melissa C.
From Philadelphia.

Is an Ass Whole worse than an Ass Half?

Photo from Lawrence Schwartzwald/