Page Six is reporting that Nicholas Hoult and Riley Keough were flirting at a party the other night and might be hooking up. Apparently a witness saw them “sitting arm-in-arm in a booth” and they “looked cozy”.

If true, it would mean that he and Jennifer Lawrence are over again…?

Thing is, Nicholas and Riley have known each other for a while, having been friends for a while. Am attaching photos of them taken May 2013. That was after he and Jennifer broke up the first time. He and Riley worked together in Mad Max: Fury Road. Also attached – shots of Riley in May of this year with her boyfriend Ben Smith-Petersen, a stuntman who also worked on Mad Max: Fury Road. So I’m not ready to call Nicholas and Riley a couple just yet.

However, that doesn’t mean he’s not broken up with Jennifer Lawrence either. There were signs…

And I wrote about that in April (article is here) when she was acting the fool in Paris in front of photographers. She and Nicholas split up the first time because he didn’t want to deal with her spotlight. When they got back together, they’d been shooting X-Men: Days Of Future Past in Montreal, away from the drama, quietly spending a summer together without too much Hollywood intrusion. That can’t last forever though.

In London in the Spring, whenever they went out, they were papped. And with him around, she was a lot more truculent than usual.