Dear Gossips,

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child (the first part) began previews in London last night. Not going to lie. I feel…

Left out!

Am I having a suck attack? (This is my friend Lara’s expression and it’s the best.) Totally. Big suck. Big suck attack. It’s just, I remember so vividly queuing outside the bookstore before midnight every time a new book came out. And being part of something. Which is what happened yesterday for all those people lucky enough to get tickets.

Last week The New York Times published a story about how there was some anxiety about whether or not JK Rowling should have just let it all go or risk becoming George Lucas. Today The New York Times is reporting that the Cursed Child first preview performance was ecstatically received. It’s in previews so there are some technical kinks that have to be worked out but apparently the magic is there, the people you know are there, the feeling is there, the love, the love is there!

I want to be there!

But you know what? I’ll be OK with the book (of the play). On Saturday July 30th, I’ll go down to the bookstore just before midnight, wait until it becomes Harry Potter’s birthday, July 31st, I’ll get my hardcopy and I’ll take it home and not go to sleep until I’ve finished. Are we all doing this together?

Yours in gossip,