This weekend, British tabloid News of the World published a story that they claim came from Lola Skye, a young woman many believed to be Hayden Christensen"s girlfriend. The article included quotes attributed to Lola expressing outrage about Hayden"s alleged betrayal with Sienna. However, Lola has now come forward to tell me that none of what was written in News of the World is true. Here is her statement to me: "I denied that entire News of the World article because it"s entirely fabricated. I have nothing but respect for both Hayden and Sienna, whatever the nature of their relationship may be. the rumors about Hayden and me are rubbish. I"m way too young for commitment and I want to concentrate on my career right now. I have nothing but respect for him and his family. And Sienna seems to be a girl with a good head on her shoulder and I respect that and have no hard feelings towards her. I"d never attack someone like that, much less call them messed up publicly or dishing that to a tabloid." During the entire time we communicated, Lola (not her real name) made it very clear that she had no intention of disclosing confidential, personal information that would betray the trust of a friend. She is private, she is guarded, and she was not interested in getting her face splashed all over a magazine and dishing all about her experience. Believe me, I tried to get her to spill some more intimate details beyond her denial and she wouldn’t budge! Which is why she was pretty mortified about the News of the World story that positioned her as a vengeful, angry, bitter woman scorned. All of which she says she is not. Lola wanted to emphasise that she did not endorse the News of the World report and that in the future, if there are gossip stories about her to be clarified, I could contact her directly for the straight scoop. And there you have it, gossips. According to Lola, News of the World is full of sh*t. As for the true nature of Hayden and Sienna"s relationship and the pregnancy rumour I wrote about yesterday - I"m still following up. You"ll know when I know, I promise.