His latest film Awake opened to dismal reviews and disastrous box office numbers. Another professional embarrassment is going straight to DVD – which would actually be GOOD news. Because what was once titled The Decameron, a film Hayden Christensen shot with Mischa Barton two years ago, has now become Angels & Saints or maybe Virgin Territory and even Guilty Pleasures… and if you’re cringing now of course you know what the studio must have been thinking:

What a colossal waste of money. Let’s bury this sh*t as soon possible.

Of course there’s also Factory Girl which Hayden refused to promote due to a supposed rift with Harvey Weinstein. As you know Factory Girl also underperformed and while the responsibility for that one certainly doesn’t fall on his shoulders, suffice to say… Hayden’s career prospects aren’t looking so hot. Especially not for someone so hyped just a few short years ago.

So no wonder the big splash:

Hayden, Rachel, and Sam Jackson showed up in Vegas at the weekend to premiere Jumper – no, not the movie, but the movie trailer. A TRAILER! It’s overkill, yes…but it’s also very necessary.

The young lovers made an appearance at the Spike TV Video Game Awards too, presenting on stage and word is the two are pretty hot together. Long, lingering looks, palpable chemistry, and why not? He’d be dumb and blind not to hold on to Rachel Bilson – this girl is gorgeous! And nice and sweet and not turned off by his bad acting. Rachel is a keeper then, non?

Photos from Splash and Wenn