Hayden Christensen normally looks like a ragamuffin when he goes out in public…

Today at the French Open, with fiancee Rachel Bilson, Hayden combed his hair, styled it in a pouf, and put on some clean new clothes.

Just watching the matches?

Or working?

Totally working.

He reps Lacoste, non?

Are both of them wearing Lacoste? And everyone in their box too? Yes.

Well, the economy’s in the sh-ts. And it’s not like Hayden has quite the same hype he did a few years ago. They figured out, um, his acting isn’t exactly DeNiro. And inevitably there’s always a new hot young boy groomed to take over. Also he’s not Harvey Weinstein’s pet anymore…

And Rachel can’t compete with Portman/Knightley/Wood/Johansson etc.

Must pay the bills. They have a farm to support now.

Photos from KCSPresse/Splashnewsonline.com