Oh relax. It’s just a car ride. But relations between Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson must be very shaky indeed if she didn’t show for the LA premiere of Takers last night. You know Rachel never misses a carpet opportunity. And then leaving the afterparty, model Sophie Monk and Hayden were seen in the same vehicle. Sophie is reportedly dating Kevin Connolly. Like I said, a ride means nothing. Rachel’s absence however...these long Hollywood engagements, they almost never end well.

It’s been a long time since Hayden’s been at the movies, non? A series of poor decisions, a saturated actor market, and, let’s face it, he hasn’t exactly demonstrated that he’s as talented as he is pretty. There are only so many Leonardo DiCaprios. So the work for Hayden has been slow.

However he does have one movie in post, and another that’s supposed to begin shooting later this year pending money issues. We’re certainly not working with a George Lucas budget anymore. Then again, although the career has stalled, he hasn’t exactly hated the down time. The Star Wars spotlight was crushing. He did struggle with it the same way so many of the young ones do. And, well, while they’re not as f-cked as Twi-Hards Hayden does have his share of freak fans. They have the craziest imaginations. One day I’ll tell you about this.

For now though Hayden seems to be slowly re-emerging onto the scene. In addition to press for Takers, he also appears in the latest video from k-os called Zambony. Hayden is the bodyguard. They slow motion walk a lot. I love slow motion walking. I often wonder if I would look good slow motion walking. Because you can’t walk in slow motion, you just have to walk normal and hope that in slow motion the effect is badass. Very hard to practise.

Photos from Wenn.com and and PacificCoastNews.com Frazer Harrison/Gettyimages.com