Hayden Christensen – not the first time I’ve heard he hates his teen beat pin-up status. Poor Hayden. Being famous and all, with a career supported by female fans willing to throw money at anything he puts out there no matter how sh-t it is – at times it’s really too much, you know? At times it really sucks to be Hayden Christensen. Please feel sorry for Hayden, ‘k?

At the risk of waking the psychotic monster that is the Hayden fanbase, here’s a sighting sent in by a LaineyGossip.com reader who was crushed the other day when rebuked by Hayden, to the point of tears. Rachel Bilson however is the loveliest, sweetest thing.

“I saw Hayden Christiensen and super cute Rachel Bilson at the airport in Miami. we were waiting in line to board our flight. I"m on a family vacation with my parents, and my younger sister. So i was thinking if i should approach him and ask him for a pic. i gotta say he didn"t look that great like on tv. he was scruffy and wore really weird wide pants that were kind of just below the knee length. he had pretty dark circles around his eyes and i dunno he looked like he needed a shower. not exactly how people look when they go on vacation. this plane was headed for the caribbean.

so i fnally mustered the strength to go and ask him for a pic and all i could say was "hi, I..." before i could even ask he started waving with his hand and saying no, no. I guess i understood he was on vacation so i apologized. i put the camera back in and i said "im sorry i just worked at a toronto convention where you were scheduled to attend but you had to back out because of work. i was looking forward to meeting darth" i couldn"t finish that sentence cause he said "please leave". so i did. i was really disappointed i cried on the plane. im not a huge fan, i dont collect his movies but i still thought he was cool and CANADIAN. such a shame that he changed so much. apparently he was real nice before. lance bass isnt the only one who let fame get to his head. they all do. i"m never watching a hayden movie again. but then again he didnt have anything big out in years since star wars. good luck staying in the spotlight asshole.

he wasnt affectionete with rachel either. his arms were crossed and he looked really moody. he said something like "i hate doing this" and she just nodded. if they were anyone else i would think who put these two together. no chemistry at all, didnt look like a couple at all. and this was business class. we only had to wait a few seconds to give our luggage away.

oh and btw rachel i love u!!! i was never a big fan of hers but she smiled at me mouthed "sorry". shes sooo cute and tiny in person. hayden is barftastic and gross. get a shower and an attitude change, sucker. im gonna try and enjoy my vacation now. i just couldnt get over how rude he was.”

Don’t you feel badly for Hayden? Poor poor baby Hayden. To be accosted like that at an airport...the nerve!!

Attached: Hayden and Rachel shooting Jumper last year in Rome.