I almost didn’t recognise Hayden Christensen, here with Tilda Swinton and Chloe Sevigny in Berlin at the Hugo Boss show. Too much beer? Hayden’s face normally has a few more angles. Dylan says it’s democracy at work, that women aren’t the only ones who lose their cheekbones at a certain age. He was, in fact, quite heartened to see these photos when I showed him last night.

I’ve been nagging Dylan, you see, for months about the fluff that’s accumulated all over him the last couple of years. He quit smoking and enjoys a Guinness or three every night. So… it’s not like he’s 20 anymore. Dylan’s rebuttal to that is that a Grown Man needs to have some weight. That that’s what happens to Real Men. He is exhausting.

So this apparently explains Hayden’s new look.

As for Tilda Swinton’s black suit look…

I mean can anyone else wear a black suit the way she wears a black suit? It’s thrilling. Next to her, Sevigny, who normally has her own steeze, looks like a cheap Try.

Re: your emails about her outfit at the Globes – this is Tilda, I don’t see why you bother complaining anymore. Did you really expect Tilda to show up in Marchesa and make your Best Dressed List? I loved it for her. Kate Bosworth can’t work Jill Sander. But Jill Sander was made for Tilda Swinton.

Photos from ROBYN BECK/Kevin Winter/Andreas Rentz/Kevork Djansezian/Sean Gallup/Gettyimages.com