Fake Cougar Hayden Panterierere hosts some thing

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Written by Sarah

What the hell are the World Music Awards? Whatever they are, they were held in Monaco on Tuesday and the Fake Cougar herself, Hayden Panetierre, co-hosted with Michelle Rodriguez. Plus 100 points for locale, minus 10,000 for choice of hosts.

It seems like every year the Fake Cougar finds a way to be in the Riviera (on the Riviera?) during Cannes. This year she stamped her ticket thanks to the World Music Awards. Are we sure she didn’t make up the World Music Awards just so she could hit the beaches and trawl for a sugar daddy boyfriend? Hayden needs a new job, after all, since Heroes was finally put out of our misery. Did you know Lindsay Lohan hosted the World Music Awards in 2006? Am starting to suspect the World Music Awards are a front for matching up tartlets and skeevy dudes.And while Hayden, unlike Lilo, continues to get work in movies, her career is not developing at the rate of some of her peers. She’s getting Bieled by the likes of Kristen Stewart, Ellen Page, and Emma Stone.

Why does Hayden Pantera work so hard to convince me that she is a forty-five year old three-time divorcee? Look at her. She could be so pretty. She’s only twenty (!!!), she could be working some beautiful, natural looks that only the young and dewy-skinned can get away with. But no. We get this. The Fake Cougar, spray tanned within an inch of her life, doing something awful to her hair and wearing far too much makeup. And of all the Pucci’s I’ve seen on red carpets lately, this is not the best one. This is the one that says, “With Pucci, it’s a fine line between stellar and tacky.”

You know for someone who doesn’t have to be a total waste of space, Hayden seems pretty damned determined to be one.

Written by Sarah

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