The parents of child stars, see?

Many of you insist that Hayden Panettiere won’t be like Lilo.


She was pimped as a child by her parents – what are the chances? broke the story this morning – Hayden’s dad was arrested last night for beating down her mom. Apparently he flew into a jealous rage about her flirting with some dude at a party and hit her across the cheek. Lesley Panettiere did not want to head to the hospital but the police photographed her face for evidence.

This is Lesley in a white dress before the incident. Click here for some vintage shots of Lesley in Vancouver while Hayden was in town shooting a movie a few months ago. You think she was born with that face?

And this is Hayden leaving the party hand in hand with Milo Ventimiglia who, curiously enough, is also alleged to have a few violent issues of his own. Like mother, like daughter? Like Dina, like Lesley? Mr Lohan = Mr Panettiere?

Lesley Panettiere has been actively exploiting her child for years, immersing her daughter in an environment where she is forced to grow up too quickly, model provocatively in advertisements before the age of 18, and has encouraged her to pursue a relationship with a controlling man, much, much older…

Alan Panettiere is now a future felon…like his mentor Michael Lohan.

Yay for child stardom!

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