She might be headed for rough waters, but right now Miley Cyrus can still totally pass for teen. Hayden Panettiere on the other hand hasn’t looked like a teen in two years. Which is totally cool for a 30 year old…only Hayden isn’t a 30 year old but an 18 year old. And take it from someone who saw 30 four years ago – looking young never gets old. You will regret wanting to look 30 when you’re 18. You will regret.

So this is Hayden at the Kids’ Choice Awards and at the 22nd Genesis Awards Ceremony on Saturday night rapidly outgrowing her demographic. Seriously. Who styles this girl? And why is it impossible to find clothes that make her look her age???

Actually…not impossible. Contrast her red carpet pics with these – from Flynet on the Vancouver set of her new movie I Love You, Beth Cooper last week. The film’s costume designer has succeeded in dressing Hayden as she should be dressed, and though it’s a subtle difference, also a red dress, with the hair, and the length, and the cut… I’d believe this girl at the prom.

Which means it is possible, just not preferable. For her anyway.

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