If it’s totally acceptable to call Katie Couric a cougar for dating a man 17 years her junior and Helena Christensen the same for dealing with Heath Ledger who’s younger by a decade, then how about taking Milo Ventimiglia off your Freebie Five and labelling him a perv?

Because he and Hayden Panettiere are slowly, slowly crawling out publicly. Remember - rumours that they’re dating have swirled since summer… back when she was only 17, also when this photo was taken. As you can see from their body language, he was tapping that already.

And now that she’s safely 6 months legal, the two seem ready to reveal their romance through People Magazine. Of course.

People, as you know, is a celebrity mouthpiece, reliable for reporting only what is sanctioned by publicists. According to People, Hayden’s family members have confirmed that not only are the two a couple but that Hayden’s mother is PROUD of the fact that Milo is her daughter’s boyfriend.

Brilliant, brilliant manoeuvre, non?

Because if her own mother doesn’t mind… what gives us the right to judge the impropriety of the relationship???

So Jamie Lynn Spears getting knocked up by a boy who may or may not have been three years older almost constituted statutory rape but a 30 year old coveting a 17 year old with whom he’s worked since she was 16… that’s totally ok? And People Magazine is too busy licking the inside of someone’s ass to point that out – how’s that for favourable coverage?

Yet another child star headed for infamy. Giv’er 3 years. By 21, Hayden will be the next wreck. Trust.

photo from Splashnewsonline.com