Compared to the Spears sisters, what’s a little case of a perv dating a child?

Last week, I reported that Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia took advantage of the Jamie Lynn pregnancy to slowly leak their true dating status under the blessing of her mother, thereby taking away the public judgement – if the girl’s mother approves, who are we to say? Especially since she’s now officially legal at 18. And he’s 30.

Even though he was hittin’ it a long, long time ago…back when she was 17. Which means he could have been coveting her when she was even younger.

Still… apparently this is OK. Apparently they tested the waters last week and found it to be welcoming. Which is why they’ve walked a huge step forward and arranged to be photographed going to the movies. Word is they were making out hardcore inside the theatre.

Here are the first official photos of Hayden and Milo caught by Ramey photo agency as a couple holding hands. Enjoy…if you like that sort of thing.