Yet another child star, only 18 but looks like she’s 30, and probably sleeping with a 30 year old co-star with the blessing of a stage mother molded after Dina Lohan – Hayden Panettiere is a DUI waiting to happen.

Predictably she is also an actress AND a singer. Right.

As you’ve seen, Hayden is revelling in her role as the latest “It” girl. Personally I find her “it” kind of bland. Then again, I’m an old bag.

Having said that, there is one thing about Hayden worth praising.

That little body is fantastic. Ravishing. Healthy and fit and relatable. Here she is in super skin tight at the VS Fashion Show last night. From the shoulders up she’s a creepy 7 year old pageant queen, from the shoulders down however… every inch is wicked. Too wicked for Milo to resist?

Hope it stays that way too. Her body I mean. Because one way or another, they always start starving.

Photos from WENN