You still like Hayden Panettiere’s chances of NOT becoming Lindsay Lohan?


Check out Hayden and her mother yesterday on set in Vancouver. Next to her mom, finally, Hayden actually looks her age. Endearing too. Feel sorry for her now…especially seeing the face – or the new face – of her parent.

It’s the face of a woman living off the spoils of her child. Her 18 year old child. A child who has been working and supporting the family for years. A child who hasn’t acted like a teenager since she was 9. A child among men - men who prey, men who exploit, men who profit. A child put in that situation voluntarily, encouragingly, by a mother who needed an eyelift. And probably some lipo. Maybe an ass tuck too.

A mother who is dressing like she wants to be 18 all over again.

Sound familiar? Does it sound and look and act like Dina Lohan?

Dina Lohan has competition!

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