I watched the first season of Heroes. Liked it but didn’t love it. And then it sucked the 2nd season. And now I just don’t care. And from what I understand a lot of other people don’t care either. Ratings are down, the buzz is over, and more importantly, Hayden P isn’t cool anymore. She so wants to be.

Check her out, front row at Tommy Hilfiger (do they wear Tommy Hilfiger?) at NY Fashion Week yesterday sitting beside Ed Westwick with so much Try on her face. It’s just not the same. She’s not them. But you know she’d kill for a spot on Gossip Girl. She wants to be that girl. But there’s always been something about Hayden, among young Hollywood, the popular kids in that class, she doesn’t quite have a full membership. I wouldn’t issue one to her either.

Photos from Wenn.com