Have finally gotten around to reading Hayden Panettiere’s interview with Details. Another entitled child star, smug as sh-t, imbued with that peculiar sense of “specialness” that comes from parent pimps – you were born to do this, you are a star, you are better, more talented, prettier, MORE SPECIAL than anyone else.

I understand it’s good for parents to work with their kids on self confidence. But the push to be extraordinary is getting out of hand. Then again, who am I to say? I hate babies and gossip for a living. Judgy mothers know more than me.

And Hayden Panettiere is MORE SPECIAL than you.

She tells Details:

"It wasn't like I suddenly started feeling different. I always knew that I was. I never felt I missed out—in fact, it was like, 'Oh, thank God I'm not that.'"

And then there’s the part where she pretends to hate the fame thing, pretends to hate being talked about in tabloids, pretends to hate getting papped.

My favourite though is when she’s approached, politely, by two tourists who are excited to have spotted a famous person. She obliges them with a photograph, then tells the reporter that:

"I gave them a half-smile. It's a survival skill."

Because in Hollywood there’s a shortage of little, blonde, cute, not terribly remarkable, not super talented actresses.

This is Lolita at the Entourage premiere last Friday.

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