As you can see from these Just Jared photos taken over the last few days, it would appear that the on-set romance between Hayden and Sienna is still going strong. She is wearing his sweater, she is staying with him at his hotel, and she is totally, totally in lust. Jude who? Warning - shameless self promotion coming up. As you all know from my long-ass gloatfest last Friday, I was the first to report the Hayden/Sienna connection two weeks ago on eTalk Daily. And I have more. So if you care and if you"re interested, I"ll be on eTalk for my weekly hit tomorrow (Monday January 30th) with new details about their hookup. If you don"t live in Canada, you can still check the eTalk website at around 8pm EST. Look for the Daily Dish or the Gossip link and download my clip through there.