Hayley nominates: Sasha’s Lost and Found

Sasha Posted by Sasha at March 8, 2017 21:03:39 March 8, 2017 21:03:39

In Hayley’s words:

I want to nominate Sasha and her post about her new venture Lost and Found Apothecary. Sasha took one of the most difficult times in her life and morphed it into something beautiful which should inspire all of us women to never give up, to take hard times and learn from them and to keep fighting for our dreams.

The moment has come to pimp out my own sh-t, so if you don't mind it's time for, as Lainey calls it, a shameless plug.

First, let me take you back a hot second. I took a time-out from the site a while back because I was dealing with some health sh-t and while I don't want to sound too over-dramatic, I can't help it because it was the hardest thing I've ever gone through. It was actually the worst. I felt alone, pretty damn hopeless and really, realllllllllllly lost. But after being in that state for a while, I had to seek out joy again and one day, as a gift to myself, I took a perfume making class. It legit lit a spark in me that I hadn’t had in a long time and I fell in love with process.

Flash forward a year and some change and what. the. f-ck. I've launched my very own perfume line, Lost & Found Apothecary. You know how they say sh-t about finding light through darkness? Well, that for real happened. 

So after concocting a bunch of botanical brews I've finally come out with 4 scents that I ADORE! Each are hand crafted to order by me and they all use the most beautiful essential oils sourced from the most magical places in the world. Are they hippie? Hell ya. But in the most bohemian babe way. Nature and being in nature has been a huge part of my healing process and that’s why these vials of perfume are so special to me. They are made from the resins of trees in Laos, from distilled petals in Turkey, and bean pods from Madagascar. I like to think of them as a mini beauty passport into the world.  

So there you have it! I hope you check out the site and find a perfume that speaks to you. But before you do that I have a few thank yous. Thank you to Lainey for supporting me and giving me this space to hype myself up. Thank you to Natalie Matias who dreamed up the crystal haven for my products (pictures below) and thank you to my naturopath doctor, teacher, and now friend Christina Gordon who continues to help me with my health and happiness.

Oh oh oh, apparently when you start a company you HAVE to be in on Instagram so I've begrudgingly signed up - check me, but mostly my puppy, out here.

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