He Got Served – more delicious details

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 7, 2006 12:00:00 November 7, 2006 12:00:00
Have you ever seen a divorce this celebrated??? As I first reported yesterday, Britney was seen at her hotel last week slamming down her cell phone and crying. She had flown out to NYC to support Kfed’s efforts and word is, she was outraged at becoming his Beck & Call Girl. This was apparently the final straw. The phone calls, the texts, the emails are all flying in...here"s what I"ve been piecing together. Last week, I mentioned that he repeatedly referred to her as his “wife” in an interview with USA Today, and at that time, buzz was loud that she was gaining back her confidence and not happy about his growing ego, his unwillingness to show appreciation and gratitude for her generosity, and his constant pressure to sell their baby photos. Britney has been surprisingly resistant about sharing JJ with the world, despite Kfed’s pleas to have them released on the day his album broke. There are also unconfirmed rumours about an entourage member who was allegedly getting a little too close for comfort – that tip is not lock tight so stay tuned. My sources say Lynn – her only great move in years – finally stepped in and set her daughter straight. Since then, all phone calls from Kevin have been blocked and at press time, I’m told he has been overheard ranting into his own cell phone that she “can’t stop me from seeing my kids”. Still, there are those who say that Kevin is unplussed. That he feels all he has to do is see his “wife” in person to smooth things over – a sense of bravado that belies his anxiety. For the first time ever, Britney has been resolute, and Goddess help us all, she will remain that way. Lynn has supposedly been especially vocal, worried Britney will cave, doing everything she can to make sure her daughter doesn’t crumble. Finally – one person I’ve heard from goes so far as to say that not only has he not been able to make contact with Britney over the phone but that he doesn’t even know where she is. Love, love, love. Stay tuned…I’ll keep you posted on everything that comes in… Also check Perezfor the In Touch version of what happened.

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