Have a look at Abbie Cornish, with c0-star Heath Ledger, at the AFI event yesterday. The same Abbie Cornish rumoured to have had an affair with Ryan Phillippe on the set of their new movie. She has denied it but, well, really…what does a celebrity denial mean these days? So, like, maybe she’s really really really funny. And erudite. With a sparkling personality and the ability to suspend her values. But since I’m a petty, fickle, shallow bitch, I’ll say what you won’t, even though you’re thinking it… Pretty vs. Homely? Reese vs. Abbie? No. Contest. But then again, like all the other waitresses in Toronto and Vancouver and everywhere else he was on location, it can’t have been easy to resist Ryan’s charms. Rumour has it he sends cell phone text poetry… like I said before – so very textbook Ethan Hawke, along the lines of: “I await you in the night, the lonely night only completed by your kiss…” F&cking cheeseball. Hope he hooks up with Emmy Rossum. Source