Source Spotted getting a marriage license in NYC last week prompting speculation that they’ll make it official soon. Maybe a wedding will make him less grumpy. Maybe a wedding will make HER less grumpy. Heard something about Michelle shutting down some fansite or cockblocking said fansite’s ability to honour her, less to do with the fansite itself, but more of a protest against the pappies, and since pappy photos are such an integral part of fansites, she therefore can’t support the fansite which would be totally understandable – her disdain for the celebrity life and all that comes with it – but for that curious little habit of her lover to act like a spoiled Hollywood star whenever it’s convenient, surly when he wants, charming when he wants, enjoying the Happy bonuses inevitably afforded to stars of their stature. But then again, Michelle Williams and Heather Ledger are SERIOUS actors. They CARE about the CRAFT. They’re in it for the WORK and not for the perks, which naturally gives them the right to bitch about the unwelcome attention and the intrusion in their lives, even if they get to pick and choose which aspects of it to complain about…right? Right. Glad we cleared that up.