Remember – she hates her fans, she hates her fan sites, she had her lawyers shut down her fansites – even the ones that ONLY published promo shots of her on red carpets and award shows, not candids, not Mathilda, just occasions where she’s doing her professional duty. Curiously enough, she also doesn’t mind when People Magazine prints the photos – because they’ll never say a word against her, right? But Michelle Williams doesn’t want to be famous right? She doesn’t want you asking about her personal life and she bloody well doesn’t want you thinking about whether or not she secretly married Heath Ledger. Even though that ring on her finger – and his too – has been a constant tease. But here’s the problem: Michelle was sitting front row at the Philip Lim show during Fashion Week on Sunday, the only show she said she was attending, and when asked about her relationship and that tell-tale band, she quickly sniped, “I don’t want talk about it” before freezing out the journalist with her new and improved C-face, all this in the name of privacy to protect artistry – an actress who works it for the craft and not for the accoutrements. Oh really? Think about it: how does one gain front row access in the first place? Does some no name actor slumming it off Broadway achieve the honour? Is it the celebrated “voice” actor’s privilege to be invited to view the fall season showing of America’s finest designers? More specifically, was it Jen Linley’s groundbreaking style aesthetic that earned Michelle the favour of Philip Lim? Or is it the fact that she’s involved with/possibly married to Heath Ledger – one time heartthrob and frequent tabloid target? Bitch…please. It’s one thing to covet privacy, it’s entirely another to complain about an invasion of privacy but milk the consequences of that invasion for personal benefit - the kind of self justification only celebrities can manage…I call it Convenient Hypocrisy. And no one does it better than Michelle Williams. Source