She’s a surly bitch, he’s a surly bitch… Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger made perfect sense to me. Am sad they have split, though not surprised. If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you’ll recall two articles posted in May and June respectively. First I reported exclusively that Michelle was apparently spending an inordinate amount of time in Ewan McGregor’s trailer on the set of their new movie while shooting in England – click here for a reminder - and the second (www.laiclick here for reference) related to buzz early on in the summer related to Heath and… Kirsten Dunst. Also not a bad pairing. Word is they have more than a bad attitude in common.

As for the reasons behind the Michelle/Heath split – nothing out of the ordinary is being addressed in the mainstream: too young, grew apart, conflicting schedule…

But behind the sanctioned excuses, there are always smutty roots. If your smutty sense is tingling, you’re absolutely not wrong.

Can a philandering cokehead ever be a good husband and father? Just asking…totally unrelated, of course.

Here are Heath and Michelle, the way they were. And Michelle this weekend in Brooklyn, newly brunette. I love her hair. I hate her brown.

But it’s interesting, non? That the news breaks two days ago that they’re through and suddenly she’s single and smiling again? No scowl for Michelle Williams. And Matilda not in her stroller per usual? Such a lovely photo op...

Coincidence or conspiracy?

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