Heath Ledger is a far cry from his hotness in A Knight’s Tale but still… he is, after all, a movie star. And he still looks better than Zach Braff. So does he really have to stoop to this?

Evidently whatever cougar moves Helena Christensen put on him weren’t lasting because Heath was seen the other day in New York with a wing man who ran after two random girls as they were leaving some hotel and offered them Heath’s address, requesting that they drop by.

Ok… first of all… total sleaze.

And second… total loser!!!

What’s the point of being a celebrity and single if you have to lift a finger to chase ass yourself?

My sources tell me he’s apparently been on a 3 week bender. And allegedly is his morning pick me up comes in a baggie, not a bottle.

Heath as the Joker. Brilliant casting, actually. Can’t wait to see it.