Heath Ledger and Helena Christensen have been making out all over NYC – first last week over dinner, then the other night at the premiere of Eastern Promises which stars, curiously enough, his ex Naomi Watts. Helena is apparently all over him all the time – described as a total cougar. She’s 10 years older and has supposedly had her eye on him since last November when the two were seen leaving together from the premiere of Candy.

And even though It’s only been a month since Heath’s split from Michelle Williams was “officially” announced, as I’ve reported before, it has been no secret his philandering ways. Rampant rumours from the set of The Dark Knight, to say nothing of whispers he’s done nothing to curb his alleged predilection for things white and powdery that make you happy, must have been hell to bear for the surly Michelle who has suddenly replaced that smug expression with a rather pleasant smile for the paps.

Now I feel badly for her… is that wrong?

Am attaching image of Heath and Michelle in happier times when they were actually nice to their fans. And Heath and Heather Graham back when he was still hot…remember that? Legend goes the two had, like, the hottest sex ever. I believe it.