The Posh stepped out earlier with her tit rocks all tweaked…

Then in the evening, on the red carpet for the UK premiere of The Hangover, Heather Graham let her nipples do the talking too. Hello chilly breeze!

Those are much nicer to look at than Victoria Beckham’s concretes though. Are Heather’s real?

Yum. Bradley Cooper dialed up the hot for the Brits too. The hair, the eyes… he’s delicious. Just…

Am not convinced he can dress.

Dressing is so important.

As you know, my husband can’t dress for sh-t. He has the body for it too. 6 ft 1. Lanky and lean. Nice ass. But it doesn’t matter, none of it does, when you have no style. When you have to look at it in tearaways and golf shorts all the time, it doesn’t matter at all.

We went shopping for him yesterday. He rejected everything cool and picked up everything dork. There are a million great things in the store, he decides he likes the two that suck. Great.

Not saying Bradley has the taste of a European soccer player circa 1990 but he does need a little help, non?

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