Heather Locklear is in town to shooting a movie of the week for Lifetime. She went shopping at Tiffany & Co. Bought a $30K ring. It was so expensive she had to have store security escort her back to her residence. Heather as you know has been dating Jack Wagner for the last few years. I actually made a Jack Wagner reference this weekend when looking at an old photo of someone at a prom. I said, “You have Jack Wagner hair”. Then everyone started singing All I Need. This made me really happy.

Anyway, Heather seems fresh in the face for her new job, non? I don’t know, for me, personally, that business in her cheeks is maybe too much. Not the worst I’ve ever seen, but it’s not exactly subtle either. This however is not a universal opinion. I was looking at these pictures earlier in the studio with some colleagues. There were four of us. I was onside with one person who agreed that there was too much puffy going on. The third woman with us didn’t think it was so bad. But the dude who was around, a regular guy, seemed to be kinda into it. Not in a super overt way, but I could tell by his expression, in his mind he was like “What are these crazy bitches talking about? That broad is hot.”

Sometimes life can be so depressingly subjective.

Exclusive photos from PunkD Images