When she’s accusing Paul McCartney of beating and abusing her, Heather Mills never hesitates to remind us that she’s only got one leg and is the most tragic victim ever. Remember…in her divorce filings she alleges that Sir Paul made her crawl up the stairs and refused to let her use a bed pan, obliging her instead to walk her ass by herself to the loo.

This from the same woman who looked as strong as an ox and even more coordinated when she was attacking a paparazzo earlier this year with her leg. Of which she only has one. Never forget it. Of course Heather this year also competed on Dancing with the Stars, training remarkably for hours on end and performing rather well. But don’t forget – she only has one leg.

In 2007, how could you forget??? She was everywhere exploiting her one leg. She was busy dancing, she was busy photo opping, she was busy crying on television, railing against the media – the media she herself uses when she needs to get a message across – and she was very busy comparing herself to Princess Diana, the victim of a rabid press corps hungry for blood.

Only Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton is more universally despised than Heather Mills. A fitting comparison, non?

Photos from Splash