Love it. Heather Mills’s legal team has fired the golddigging slag because they can no longer keep up with her unpredictable mood swings and her refusal to heed their counsel. Word is, her attorneys had pleaded with her NOT to go on television spewing lies about Paul McCartney, warning that the effort would not only backfire but that it would be detrimental to her side of the divorce proceedings.

Ever the famewhore, Heather as you know went ahead anyway. And she won’t shut up, following up last week’s appearances with even more this week, which has now resulted in her dismissal.

And the significance of this development cannot be understated. Because as difficult as she can be, if she really had all that evidence of “abuse” and wrongdoing on Sir Paul’s part, if she could totally prove he mistreated her, and presumably her legal would know that, if the purported “box of secrets” does indeed exist, would her lawyers really have bailed? Bailed on the potential of millions and millions and millions of pounds? Bailed on what could be one of the lucrative divorce settlements in history?

Really??? Would they???

Just asking…

Here she is leaving yet another tv station yesterday claiming to hate the media.


Photo from Splash