Be careful what you start. Heather Mills is feeling the pain of that right now as nearly everyone in the UK is rising up against her, opening up a can of bitchslap perhaps not seen since the days of Yoko Ono. Exclusive new details have emerged this morning in the British papers shedding light on the motivation behind Heather"s vicious attack. First and foremost, the question of information and how the court documents saw the light of day. Though they were not *offcially* released by either camp, the Mirror is reporting that details of Heather"s claims were mysteriously leaked to 2 news agencies via anonymous fax. Coincidentally, on the same day the leak became public, Heather found herself at a hospital visit, playing philanthrophic freedom fighter for fellow amputees. Craziest coincidence, non? All part of a larger plan of course to gain custody of Beatrice and the enormous amount of money that goes along with raising a Beatle-child. Apparently Paul was seeking custody, not trusting her to parent properly, and in order to position him as an unfit father, Heather resorted to painting a portrait of a man who indulges in alcoholic binges and at times cannot wipe the spit off his face. There are also counterclaims that she has been threatening him for months - an attempt at blackmail for more money, not satisfied with the reported 30 million pounds he originally offered. Obviously Paul refused to play. If you haven"t already though, you really should read the documents. Not to make light of a serious situation but there were points that actually made me laugh out loud - the overwhelming sense of BOO HOO, sob sob is hysterical, you can almost hear her hiccupping through false tears. I"ve been told exclusively though that it won"t end here. Rumour has it, impotency will be her next card, she"s threatened him already and she"s prepared to let that piece of fiction slip through too. Bitch really has no bottom, does she? Source