Golddigging makes you delusional – see Kevin Federline’s recording career.

This time, the Golddigging Delusions have hit the Master. And hard.

Still at an impasse with Sir Paul on their divorce settlement, Heather Mills is now in America apparently negotiating a Hollywood film about her life. According to UK tabloids, she has her greedy black heart set on Reese Witherspoon in the starring role and an “unknown” to play Paul’s part.
"Heather sees this film as the tragic and empowering story of her life - a young model who gets run over and loses her leg, overcomes her difficulties and marries her prince. But the most interesting part of the tale will be the dark goings on between the couple behind closed doors."

This of course is the same cow who routinely shows up in court with a crutch when it’s time to gouge her ex husband for every penny and then turns around and starts flinging her one good leg around a dance floor on American television. Would Reese Witherspoon, who has a Martha Stewart blessed pickle up her ass, would Reese really stoop as low as Heather Mills?

Bitch… please!!!

Then of course there are Heather’s plans to land on Oprah and to share her story with the blind lambs who worship at the Alter of Winfrey…also not a terribly likely scenario.

Remember – Oprah kisses wealthy ass. Oprah is not going to alienate Sir Paul McCartney. Hell no. Not for a golddigging tramp with a hooker history.

Then again… Oprah IS rather selective with her hypocrisy. Maybe she and Heather are perfect together after all.

source Daily Mail