You’re like...

Bad hair???

What about... EVERYTHING ELSE?

Yes, yes, the bustier is cheap. The uneven skirt is super budget. But what’s throwing you off is the socks with the shoes. Take away the socks and shoes and you might not even notice much else. You would not have given this dress another thought. I’d rather the socks and the shoes but not the dress and a pair of shorts with a fitted tuxedo blazer instead. The socks and the shoes are actually, to me, kinda cute. Another wearer, with the right sensibility, would have been able to pull this off. What gives it away that Heather Morris is not the right wearer though is...the hair.

This is high school class photo hair. Go pull out a yearbook, any yearbook, any year, this hair appears several times on every page. Probably with that exact lip colour.