A new report in the UK Daily Mail today reveals that Heather Mills is planning to bring out her ultimate bitch in an attempt to vindicate herself both publicly and financially in what could be one of the ugliest and most expensive divorces in British history. The article notes that there are some pretty salacious secrets to be exposed, so salacious they could permanently damage his reputation, so explosive she’s apparently biding her time, ready to drop the motherload when the moment is right, when she stands to gain the most. ..Or lose, depending on how the axe comes down. Sound familiar? Back in July, after hearing from sources in the UK, I reported that Heather threatened Paul with some pretty revolting claims prompting him to end the relationship once and for all. And if this story in the Daily Mail is to be believed, it looks like she’s made good on her promise. According to their source, a “friend” of Heather says: “Heather has made a number of very serious allegations against Paul which are set to come out in court. …. As the divorce settlement gets closer, she is fully planning to go public with some pretty serious claims about how Paul treated her during the marriage…Heather has made records of a catalogue of incidents which have happened during the marriage…There"s a lot to say on Heather"s part but she is not prepared to go public with it at this stage. She has been told by Antony Julius (her lawyer) to keep her head down and let things take their legal course… It"s bombshell stuff - every one of these allegations would be front page news. Rest assured, if all goes to plan, what has happened in this marriage will not remain secret. ..Heather will not want to go down in history as Evil Heather - the bad guy in this marriage… However until now - on the advice of her lawyers - she has been very careful to tell no one about these details. Antony Julius is concerned that stories leaking out may make the judge think either side are trying to influence the hearing by putting pressure on the judge. Once things come nearer to the date, revelations will start to emerge. The one thing Heather is concerned about as the date of the final divorce agreement is reached is that she will look like the bad apple here." And to protect her image, her team is also looking into how details of her settlement strategy have gotten out to the papers... "There is somebody who has leaked the information to a specific paparazzi agency and a specific national paper who keeps getting pictures over and again of Heather picking up Beatrice.” Riiiiight. So let me get this straight: if Heather Mills doesn’t want leaks then why is a friend speaking to the tabloids? And, as she asserts through her “friend” in the article, if she really isn’t after the money, why is she spending loads of it on a high priced lawyer? Is this simply about “surviving”? Or is this more about “surviving off the spoils”? Now I can understand being accustomed to a certain lifestyle and I can certainly understand the need or the aspiration to keep up with that lifestyle. What I don’t understand is the capacity for limitless greed and a sense of OVER-entitlement, when enough is seemingly never enough. Never mind from a “human” standpoint of right and wrong – I think we can all agree when it comes to celebrities, that is never a consideration. From a PR perspective however, it would be highly imprudent and nearly impossible for Paul McCartney, one of the wealthiest entertainers in the world, to subject the mother of his child to living in poverty. She is NOT going to be living in the poor house. She is NOT going to be living anywhere remotely near the poorhouse. So really…what’s the problem? What’s the issue with shutting the hell up and getting a hefty-sized chunk that could support not only most of our grandchildren but quite probably their grandchildren as well? That’s what confounds me about Heather Mills no-longer-McCartney. And I’d be more inclined to sympathise if she was actually subjected to working for a living in order to pay the plumber as opposed to paying the Prada. But then again…SHE is the victim in all of this…right? Right. Sorry… I must have forgotten. Photo source