Don’t really care for her personality and not particularly down with the hype about her gorgessity but when it comes to wearing a dress and doing it justice… Heidi Klum is the sh*t. I almost missed a cue on live tv last night because of this dress.

First of all, she’s tall. Like legitimately tall. Not like any of these other clowns who say they’re 5ft10 and end up 5 ft 7. Whatever. Heidi is a long lean woman who will never let a dress wear her.

In fact, it was like she had a remote control on that thing. Especially the train. The train was massive. Imposing like Elizabeth. And when she came up to the photo wall I was like – oh yeah Seal is going to have to crouch that and adjust it… how embarrassing.

Not embarrassing.

Because Seal did not adjust it. Seal did not have to adjust it because with one wave and swoop of her arm she had manoeuvred it like a cape and it settled like feather behind her, perfectly laid out. The first time, I thought it was fluke. Then she kept doing it every time she took a few steps down the line. And every time she stopped, there it was… the Heidi Klum cape wave.

Last year my friend Lara and I covered the Costume Institute Gala in New York last year. When we sent the tapes back to Toronto, everyone was laughing in studio because they could hear us squealing over the dresses and the impromptu runway.

Oftentimes what’s most fun about these occasions is not specific smut like who’s cutting whose eye, or who’s flirting with whose boyfriend, but it’s the posing that provides the most entertaining. The posing tells a thousand different stories. The posing is in itself a source of gossip.

Hi Lara – miss you!

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