This is what Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton has created – random famewhores everywhere peddling their sh*t. Speaking of sh*t…last night’s season finale of The Hills.

Total letdown.

The parties after were much more interesting especially since Heidi did not walk the carpet with Spencer but did get into the car with him to head home. And if you thought her cheese ass broke ass budget video was funny, how about this?

So Spencer pulls up in his ride, blasting her song from the stereo. HEIDI STARTS LIPSYNCHING for the paps! And dancing!

Click here for the clip. And you know it’s bad when Spencer wants to crawl into Paris Hilton’s black hole vag and never come out. You know it’s bad when even he is embarrassed.

Who are these people? What happened to shame? Is there no shame? Damn my mother for giving me shame.

PS. Spencer’s face – now THAT is a Beat-Me-Face.

Photos from Wenn