Star 09?

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There’s a movie that was made in the 80s, used to keep me up at night. Because Eric Roberts is a creepy motherf-cker. Based on the short life of Dorothy Stratten, Playboy Playmate, who was murdered by her deranged estranged husband.

At her Playboy photo shoot the other day, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were giving some people the same vibe…

Am told exclusively that the shoot went down on Tuesday in Malibu. Heidi was photographed by famed photographer Matthew Rolston for the cover of Playboy although she will not go full exposure. Just a little nipple. Tasteful, right? Given the artist, the images are expected to be gorgeous without the usual tacky ass cheese (well, relatively speaking considering the publication) that accompanies these two assholes.

As you’d expect, Spencer was present and extremely opinionated and everyone hated him. He’s a douche. Not a douche simply for television but a douche for all the time.

What’s most alarming though is that she, by contrast, is blank. And completely under his control. According to those observing the two, “Mrs Pratt” (this is what he calls her and repeatedly called her all day) offers no opinions, is devoid of any emotion or reaction, and is incapable of any decision making whatsoever. The picture that emerges of the two is chilling: an extremely imbalanced relationship where he has completely isolated her from friends and family and positioned himself as the foundation of her life. A portrait of emotional abuse. Am told that he’s possessive and petty and ironically enough, on the set of this Playboy shoot, it reminded people of Dorothy Stratten. No one was able to save Dorothy. Many people can save Heidi.

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