Katherine Heigl’s movies, you know, they’re not exactly rivalling Christopher Nolan’s. Same goes for Ashton Kutcher. And when those two collaborated, we ended up with Killers, maybe one of the worst pieces of sh-t movies of the last 20 years, slightly worse than another piece of sh-t called Life As We Know It, starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel...

Now ALL THREE of them are in New Year’s Eve.

How spectacularly bad will New Year’s Eve be???

And how broke on their asses are Robert DeNiro and Hilary Swank? For Swank, it’s yet another sign of desperation on top of that little situation with the Chechnya dictator. She says she returned the money and she knows better now but I’d be more inclined to give her a pass if she hadn’t dropped out - due to supposed sickness - of speaking at the first ever women’s brain health conference a couple of months ago, right after the story broke. Click here for a refresher.

Reminds me of the time something really embarrassing happened to you at school and you begged your parents to let you skip the next day because you couldn’t face going back. My parents made me go anyway. To build character. And to start learning how to deal with worse humiliations in life - there have been many. But these celebrities, they’re so frail, they’re so weak and insecure, it’s so much easier to hide behind their people and wait until everything goes away. I wonder though what they’re so afraid of. Look at Ashton Kutcher showing up last night to so much love and fan popularity.

We will forgive our celebrities almost anything. And the better looking they are, the quicker they get off. Look at Chris Brown. Chris Brown shoulda been in this movie too.

PS. I will never not be frustrated by Katherine Heigl’s hair. If you are under 50, THIS SHOULD NOT BE YOUR HAIR. EVER.